Estate Agent Photography

These images are a selection of properties that I have taken for Estate Agents.

To assist you in selling the property more effectively, I can provide a service for Professional Photography and a Floorplan sketch.

Using a top spec DSLR and Wide Angle Lens, I can capture much more of the floor space and room dimensions than conventional digital cameras, making rooms look larger and more spacious and including more fixtures and fittings.

I use Flash to evenly illuminate the internal rooms and a variety of Photoshop techniques to make the rooms and externals look less distorted, but still showing the rooms as they are.

Floorplans are also available, I can create a professional internal floor plan sketch with accurate room dimensions, showing windows, doors, toilet suites and garages.

How it works

For new property orders, you can email me the Vendors Name, Phone No, Address + Post Code, Number of Bedrooms in the property and any specific details you would like me to include in the photos.
I can make contact and arrange an appointment date, and will let you know when this is. On competition I will email over the photos and floorplan sketch and my invoice.

For properties of 3 Beds and below,
you will receive 20 high resolution images and 1 Floor plan Sketch for £50.
For properties of 4 Beds and above,
you will receive 20 high resolution images and 1 Floor plan Sketch for £60.

This price is for properties within Peterborough City.
For properties further afield, a travel extra of 45p per mile will apply.
I will let you know the extra costs beforehand.

You will be invoiced directly after each order and I would ask to be paid by BACS within 7 days of the appointment date.

01 Property.JPG02 Property.JPG03 Property.JPG04 Property.JPG05 Property.JPG06 Property.JPG07 Property.JPG08 Property.JPG09 Property.JPG10 Property.JPG11 Property.JPG12 Property.JPG13 Property.JPG14 Property.JPG15 Property.JPG16 Property.JPG17 Property.JPG18 Property.JPG19 Property.JPG20 Property.JPG21 Property.JPG22 Property.JPG23 Floor Plan.jpg24 Floor Plan.jpg25 Property26 Property27 Property28 Property29 Property30 Property31 Property32 Property33 Property34 Property35 Property36 Property37 Property38 Property39 Property40 Property41 Property42 Property43 Property44 Property45 Property46 Property47 Property48 Property