Wedding Photography FAQs

The following are some of the Photography Frequently Asked Questions I am asked,
I hope to answer some of your queries with these responses.

If you have a Photography question not covered here, please feel free to get in touch anytime for a friendly chat on the contact details below.

1. How long have you been a professional wedding photographer ?

I started wedding Photography in 1998 and have completed over 300 successful weddings in Churches, Hotels, Great Halls, Football clubs and many more venues.

2. Do you belong to a recognised professional body ?

Yes to the Guild of Wedding Photographers

3. Are you Qualified ?

I am one of the Minority of wedding photographers who are actually Qualified.
I have achieved one of the highest national qualifications from the Guild of Wedding Photographers,
of Master Craftsman.
This Photography qualification took me 5 years to gain.

4. What Style of photographs do you take ?

There are two main styles, Traditional formally posed Photography
and the Reportage documentary relaxed style of Photography.
I can take both styles, you tell me what you’re looking for and together
we make a detailed plan for the day to capture everything you desire.

5. Do you Edit and Retouch the photos ?

Yes I spend time on each image to make sure it looks its best.

6. How many photos will we get ?

Typically 200 — 300 but that all depends on the Photography package required and size of the wedding party.
Generally I will take as many as I can
and include everyone and everything that happens throughout the day,
then you decide how many images you require and I produce your album from those.

7. When will the photos be available for viewing Online ? 

Your photos can be uploaded to a Web Page while you are away on honeymoon and I will give you a Web Page Link when you return.

Then its up to you to decide on your album photos, when they are Finalised the albums usually take 5-6 weeks.

8. Do you take Black and White and Special Effect Photography ?

Yes, I include a selection of special effects for you to view and decide which effects you like.

9. Are you Insured ?

Yes I have Public Liability Insurance of £5 million.

 10. Are there any additional fees ?

No, the price for all 4 Packages is all you pay upfront, if you require any extras then they will be paid for after the wedding.

 11. What happens if  WE cancel ?  What happens if  YOU cancel ?

In the event of the couple cancelling a wedding booking, there is a scale for cancellation fees

which forms part of your Wedding Booking contract.

Since I started in 1998 I have Never had to cancel a wedding booking. 

I have an agreement with 2 other local professional wedding photographers
that if any of us are unable to make a wedding day for whatever reason,

then one of us will step in and complete the wedding photography.

If you have any other Photography Q’s please feel free to
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