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Property Photography


The Gallery of images and Information below are to help sell and market properties for

Estate Agents and Property Companies.


To assist you in selling the property more effectively and for a higher price, I can provide a Property Photography service for

Professional Photography, 360 Panoramic Viewing Tours and Digital Floorplans.


For Property Photography I use a top spec Canon 5D MK4 DSLR and 17mm Wide Angle Lens,

to capture much more of the floor space and room dimensions than conventional digital cameras,

making rooms look larger and more spacious and including more of the fixtures and fittings.


I use Flash to evenly illuminate the internal rooms and a variety of Photoshop techniques to make the rooms and externals

look less distorted and Correct the Verticles, but still showing the rooms as they are.


360 Smart Viewing Tours


The tours are created using a Top Spec Richo Theta 360 Camera.

I take an image of each room within the property, then upload them into an app and send you a link to view the final tour.


Below are some links to view previous Tours.

There’s a Thumbnail Photo Menu of all the rooms, Bottom Left, click on any to see that room,

Click on the Flashing Circles to go through to that room,




are also available, I will create a professional internal floorplan with accurate room dimensions and labeling,

showing windows, doors, toilet suites and garages.


How it works

For new property photography orders, you can email me the Vendors Name, Phone No, Address + Post Code,

Number of Bedrooms in the property and any specific requests for angles, externals and rooms

you would like me to include in the photo package.

I will make contact and arrange an appointment date with the vendor, in Good Weather, and will let you know when this is.


I will upload all the images onto a page on my web site so you can view them all and approve them.
Once you have approved the images, I will email over them, the floorplan and my invoice.


Property Photography Costs


For properties of 3 Beds and below,
you will receive 25 high resolution images and 1 Floorplan for £70.


For properties of 4 and 5 Beds 
you will receive 30-35 high resolution images and 1 Floorplan for £80.


For properties of 6 Beds and above

you will receive 40 -50 high resolution images and 1 Floorplan for £90.


Adding a 360 Panoramic Viewing Tour,

3 Beds and below its an extra £15 so £85 Total.

4 -5 Beds its an extra £20 so £100 Total.

6 Beds and above its an extra £30 so £120 Total.


This price is for properties within Peterborough City.
For properties further afield, a travel cost per hour and an extra 45p per mile will apply.
I will let you know the total costs beforehand.


You will be invoiced directly after each order which will be paid by Promptly by BACS.


Hope that all helps, any Q’s drop me a line on any of the options below.


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